Pico Bartolomeu, Sierra da Tronqueira

Pico Bartolomeu, Sierra da Tronqueira, Azores Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Azores: Pico Bartolomeu, Sierra da Tronqueira.
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photograph of Pico Bartolomeu, Sierra da TronqueiraPico Bartolomeu, Sierra da Tronqueira.

The summit you can just about make out in the cloud is Pico Bartolomeu (887m high) in the Tronqueira mountain range on the remote eastern side of Sao Miguel. Pico da Vara is the highest point on Sao Miguel, at 1103m high and forms part of this mountain range.

You'll have to use your inagination to visualise it, I'm afraid. It was often covered in mist. This is wild, remote, spectacular countryside. The mountains are vast and largely empty, the roads twist and wind in hairpins around the coast roads, everywhere is lush, verdant, in-your-face-green.

Waves crash against immense, black-brown, vertical cliffs and growing wild, everywhere are bright, colourful flowers. Fields of maize and Freisan cows are separated by azure-blue Hydrangea hedges. Bird song is only interrupted by the occasional clunking of cow bells. Magical.

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Map of Azores showing the location of Pico Bartolomeu, Sierra da Tronqueira at Latitude 37.828145 / Longitude -25.174999.
We have visited Azores on a number of occasions to produce this tour, this page was created on Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:53:24 +0100.


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